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Northside Auto Electrics are specialists in the supply and installation of Electric Trailer Brake Controllers, DC to DC in car chargers, 4WD Dual Battery Systems, Auxillary Power sockets/feeds, and Anderson Plugs.


We carry out installations on a wide variety of new & late model vehicles. We have the experience where it counts, and guarantee all of our work and products for your peace of mind. Please call us to discuss your requirements.


Trailer Brake Products


The REDARC range of electric trailer brake controllers put you in charge... not your trailer. Designed for use with trailers, horse floats, camper-trailers, boat trailers and caravans with electric brakes, you can adjust the amount of braking with the turn of a knob.


Your trailer behaves exactly as you expect it to whenever you apply the vehicle brakes. What’s more, you can apply the trailer brakes independently of the towing vehicle’s brakes, giving you absolute control over your trailer (no more uncontrollable sway).


In Vehicle Battery Charger


Take charge of your auxiliary batteries with the REDARC In-vehicle Battery Charger. If the distance between your start and auxiliary batteries is significant, the voltage drop across a long cable run can be enough to prevent your auxiliary battery ever reaching a 100% charge.


The REDARC In-vehicle Battery Charger is a three-stage, 12 volt, 20 amp charger that operates from any input voltage between 9 volts and 32 volts DC. Simply install the In-vehicle Battery Charger as close as possible to your auxiliary battery and forget about any voltage drop along your wiring.


If it’s worth having a second battery, it’s worth protecting it with the REDARC In-vehicle Battery Charger.


40 amp In Vehicle Battery Charger


Most vehicle alternators are not designed to fully charge your auxiliary batteries, in fact most aren’t designed with auxiliary batteries in mind at all. An insufficient charge rate will shorten the life and performance of your investment, and may even result in a flat battery when you least expect it.


REDARC’s In-vehicle Battery Charger features technology designed to charge your batteries to 100%,regardless of their type or size. By providing a unique charging profile to each specific battery type, the REDARC In-Vehicle Battery Charger is able to achieve and maintain an optimal charge in your auxiliary battery, at all times.


The In-vehicle Battery Charger also features a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator,allowing you to deliver the maximum amount of power from your solar panels to your auxiliary battery.


Battery Management System


The REDARC BMS Battery Management System is a complete battery charging and maintenance solution for recreational automotive and marine applications. It incorporates AC mains, DC vehicle and DC solar inputs to achieve the best charge to an auxiliary battery in your caravan or camper trailer.


The BMS includes a remote battery monitor designed to give you battery information and charge status along with critical system information, while charging is in progress.


Smart Start Battery Isolator


The REDARC Smart Start® is a microprocessor controlled battery isolator designed for use in multibattery applications as a solenoid priority system, protecting the start battery from excessive discharge, whilst allowing the auxiliary battery to supply nonessential loads.


The REDARC Smart Start® is designed primarily for use in 4WD and commercial vehicles and is available in four models; 12 or 24 volt DC incorporating 100 or 200 amp continuous ratings. The 200 amp models are designed for extremely heavy-duty operations.

The REDARC Smart Start® is Australia’s most trusted dual battery isolator and is used by 4WD clubs